A.S. Pushkina House-Museum

The pretty house with shades of beige pastel colors, green and white, is located at the corner of the Palace and Pushkinskaya. In this type of mansion you can breathe something indescribably pleasant and attractive in the hot summer. In general, this is the country house, where the great Russian poet Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin spent a lot of time.

After more than two centuries, this house has changed a lot. But now, being here, it is easy to imagine a pleasant pastime that leads to the house in Pushkin. One can easily imagine the image of the young Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Nikolaevna, having breakfast in the cozy room, reading and working in sunlit interiors. You can even take a stroll in the dining room between the same house, green areas and the palace in Tsarskoye Selo, where the fate of the empire and the whole of Europe was decided. Yes, many things have changed, but the wooden house is here as well, as it was many years ago. Anyone who cares about the genius of Pushkin wants to go there.

Alexander and his young wife Natalia settled here in 1831. The house had belonged to widow A. K. Kitaevoy. Although the mansion seems to be quite small, there are more than 10 rooms.

The building is decorated with a mezzanine, a balcony and a small interior colonnade that gives light and airs the place as if outside. What is more surprising are the interiors that have been preserved in about the same way they appeared before the young couple and their guests. Visits here are a treat for the locals.

The Kitaeva mansion once grouped great writers such as Gogol and Zhukovsky. In general, according to the poet’s recollections, the time spent in Tsarskoye Selo was wonderful, calm and joyful. By the way, it was in this house where many important works have been written and performed. In particular, “The Anniversary of Borodino”, “Slanderers of Russia”, “Letter to Onegin, Tatiana,” and many others. In short, the museum-house in Tsarskoye Selo is a quiet place where you can join the heritage of Pushkin and feel the incredible atmosphere that inspired the sun of Russian poetry.

Practical information

Address: Pushkin, Pushkin Street, 2/19.

Access: Trains in the vicinity of Vitebsk station to the “Children’s Village” station, from there by bus number 371. From the “Moskovskaya” metro station services are offered on bus number 342 and number 187.

Free entry to all museums of the complex: June 6, Pushkin day in Russia and May 18 at International Museum Day.

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