The Bridge of Four Lions

St. Petersburg – one of the most beautiful cities, and the cultural capital of Russia. In this wonderful city you can find lots of original and unique sculptures, architectural structures, which are known all over the world. All those who have been in the city will keep the memories of your visit for your whole life.

One of the attractions of St. Petersburg is the famous Lion Bridge which has got its name thanks to the four iron sculptures of cats in the shape of lions standing on the suspension bridge. The construction of the bridge was attended by engineers, who took as a model the construction of hanging bridges of St. Petersburg: Tretter and Hristianovich.

The appearance of the bridge is very original, and of course remains in the memory. The main distinctive feature is that the main chains of the bridge are holding by the same figures of lions. The bridge was inaugurated on July 10 of  1826, and when the day ended the bridge had been tested by 2700 enthusiastic citizens.

After the opening, the bridge immediately began to gain the popularity, and even the German architect Gesse could not resist and made a small copy of the bridge, and in 1838 carried in the Tiergarten territory of Berlin. A copy differed only in that the railing and the structure made of wood, the copy still exists.

The footlights in the middle of the bridge were replaced by wrought iron and cast iron fence and the color of the white lions was replaced by the dark.

The next time the Lions Bridge underwent changes in 1954, but in connection with restoration, it lights up again, and put new fences. After that, only in the year 2000 to the bridge were returned its original lions of marble color, and December 25 of 2000 the bridge was officially opened again.

Address: Nab. Griboyedov Canal, 89, St. Petersburg