The Church of the Savior on Blood

To look indifferently at the Cathedral of the Savior on Blood, or how it used to call as well Cathedral Of The Resurrection On The Blood is not possible for any of the guests of intellectual capital. To stop and to take a look at the details – it is everyone’s wish because the building lends itself infinitely to admire its beauty, aesthetics and form a perfect silhouette. St. Petersburg is very rich of a diamond architecture of the last century, and this church is no exception.

At the end of the XIXth century, the church was created in the area between the Baltic stations and Warsaw desolate landscape of factory buildings. Although this part of the city inhabited by ordinary workers who did not have a high income and fill their pains in alcohol on the walls of countless taverns and bars. Every year, the situation worsened, the workers and their morality collapsed, since in the vicinity could not find a single parish church. Society has come to the aid of education, religion and morals, which found a common language with the authorities and have received land for the construction of the temple.

In 1894, together with the royal wedding celebration, was made a wooden temple. After 4 years in the church was organized the community to help people cope with alcohol addiction. So there was a temple for many years, it won the affection and respect of the parishioners of charity and help the needy. In 1921, the persecution of the believers reached enormous proportions, and the clergies were brutally murdered, and the building was almost destroyed.

The years 1990 became the year of salvation for the temple. The church re-won its own state of the religious place and also took place on the occasion of the Easter liturgy. Now the building belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church and is pending restoration.

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