Foreign movies to discover St. Petersburg

In the article we present 6 foreign films in which you can see the images of the beauty of Saint Petersburg and know its history and traditions.

Onegin, 1999

The film based on a poem by the famous Russian poet Pushkin “Eugene Onegin“. The story tells the complicated relationships between the dandy Eugene Onegin and a provincial family girl. Tatyana Larina unexpectedly falls in love with Onegin, a man with a cold and cruel soul, who, of course, denies her feelings. Only a few years later he realizes his feelings towards her. But it will be too late. In the film act the Hollywood stars Liv Tyler and Ralph Fiennes.

Anna Karenina, 1997

It is a British film based on the novel by famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. “Anna Karenina” by Bernard Rose was recorded entirely in Moscow and St. Petersburg and its surroundings. In particular, in the movie you can see the highlights of St. Petersburg as the Winter Palace (Hermitage), Peterhof, Menshikov Palace, Yusupov Palace and other houses of the Russian nobles. In the film act Sophie Marceau, Sean Bean, Alfred Molina, James Fox and other stars. By the way, one of the organizers of the project was Mel Gibson.

Anastasia (cartoon), 1997

The cartoon produced in the United States tells the story of the daughter of the last Russian Tsar Nicolas II who was murdered with her family. Anastasia managed to escape, to meet her grandmother in a crowded station and get lost in the crowd. Ten years later Anastasia became a young and precious woman who with the help of her companion will pretend to be the lost daughter of the Tsar, not knowing that she was really his legitimate daughter. While Rasputín is trying to chase them the two protagonists will unite to live the adventure of their lives and arrive at Paris to meet with the grandmother of Anastasia who has been looking for her all over the world.
The producers of the 20th Century Fox studio were able to convey the spirit of this era and the city of St. Petersburg. And to show the other side of the city before the Russian revolution: poverty, crime and secret meetings at the gates.

Rasputin (Rasputin, his true story), 1996

The film tells about the period from 1880, when Grigory Rasputin began to show spiritual talents and until the 1990s, when the remains of the royal family were found. The son of tsar Nikolay II, Prince Alexey had hemophilia (a disease in the blood), and, according to legend, Rasputin was able to stop the attacks of the disease. The narration is carried out in the name of the assassinated prince. The characters were played by famous actors Alan Rickman, Greta Scacchi, Ian McKellen.

Golden Eye, 1995

When the Soviet Union “went out to smoke and never returned”, in Hollywood decided that the James Bond cycle could be filed. The cold war was over, and it was time to withdraw from espionage. However, the producer of Bond series felt that they still had someone to fight with and that collapse of the USSR was not the end of the cycle but a fresh beginning. And as long as in the places where before Bond could only get “virtually” permits to shoot, now could really be. Thus, in the movie “Golden Eye”  has debuted not only Pierce Brosnan but also St. Petersburg, in which the protagonist even mounted a Soviet tank T-54/55 (which was borrowed by one of the British military museums ).

White Nights, 1985

When in 1985 film director Taylor Hackford shot the movie about the Soviet dancer, who tries to escape from the USSR (the protagonist was played by Russian dancer Nickolay Baryshnikov), some critics wrote that Leningrad in the film is not plausible. They said that you could easily see that the movie was shot in Helsinki. Hackford had to be quiet to his unjust criticism. He could not say that in the film were used real images of St. Petersburg, which were recorded in the city illegally by Finnish operators. The director could tell about it only after the decomposition of the USSR

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