Old Mint Building In St. Petersburg

Have you ever wondered where the coins that everybody carry in their pockets and wallets almost every day are? These are produced in the oldest and world-renowned Mint of Russia, which is located in St. Petersburg. The old Mint Building was founded by Pedro I in 1724, which punished the “gold coin”. So for this day the decree is not disturbed. The Mint is on the walls of the fortress. In 1899, marking its 175th anniversary, the company issued a commemorative medal with the laconic inscription: “Order founded by Emperor Pedro I in 1724”.

At the beginning of 1918 in connection with the preparation for the first monetary reform in Russia, Mint completely stopped its work, and was resumed in the 1920’s. It was also renamed Mint of Leningrad in 1924. During World War II, the site of Leningrad was evacuated to the city of Krasnokamsk and in the spring of 1943 returned to its native walls.

The Mint Building refers to a classical architecture, the central part of the plant stands on a platform, crowned by a triangular pediment, and the lateral wings are completed by the round tower of flat domes.
Throughout its history, the Mint minted coins of gold, platinum, silver and copper of all the denominations, participated in the copper coins in mass, minted in the years 1762 and 1796, and also served for works in the realization of medals.

At that time, the Mint of St. Petersburg produced even foreign currencies such as the Dutch duchies and the Turkish pesos.

Until the early 19th century, Mint was technically much lower than its European counterparts, but after the purchase of British steam engines, production resumed vigorously, producing the currency at the current level. Not long ago, another complex was rebuilt, and now the company is equipped with the latest technology that allows products to be manufactured to a high global level.

Speaking of products. In addition to the coins and souvenirs, there have been medals, prizes, and in 2004 it served as jewelry production, even opened a base. Mint also fulfills individual orders. Its products are especially appreciated in Russia and abroad with a high level of decoration and coins of impeccable quality. The company has sold jewelers such as, for example, the Moscow-based “Adamas” retail network and the St. Petersburg “14-carat” retail chain.

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