Prince Vladimir Cathedral in St Petersburg

A wonderful example of the blend of two virtuous styles – Baroque and Classicism, is the Prince Vladimir Cathedral in St. Petersburg, it is one of the most solemn, light and elegant temples of the northern capital. The founder of the cathedral, Empress Ekaterina Velikaya, was attracted by the work of the genius of architecture and lightness, Antonio Rinaldi, and therefore, in the old hull of the city there was a strict, but unusually “warm” church. It is an elegant classic with five domes as if they were raised in the shady skies of St. Petersburg, and the interiors are pleasing to the eye as it has a blend of blue and white. The faithful are anxious to go to the temple to worship the icons of St. Vladimir, the miraculous image of St. Nicholas and the oldest shrine in the cathedral which is the icon of the Kazan Mother of God.

A little history

The first church on the site of the present cathedral appeared in 1708, it was the small church of Nikolaya Ugodnika. Later, it was replaced by the church of the Assumption which had two corridors, and in 1740 a stone church appeared here. A quarter century later, the Italian architect Rinaldi has developed a plan to build five domes with a bell tower, whose construction is already finished by the Russian architect Ivan Starov. In 1789, the cathedral was consecrated in the name of the Holy Prince Vladimir. The current iconostasis of the church leads to the history of 1823, and has thus gained a recognizable image in the style of the Empire. In 1845, the cathedral was the main temple of the Order of St. Vladimir. Fortunately, Prince Vladimir’s Cathedral managed to survive the anti-religious policy of the Soviet government and it was not destroyed.

The temple was designed on the basis of the ship, the helmsman in which Christ speaks.

What can you see?

The elegant silhouette of the temple striving to rise, the first thing that catches the eye. With its interesting aspect, it has a masterful combination of late baroque and classicism features: the proportions of ancient temples are ingeniously complemented with circular windows, arches and pilasters.

The temple was designed on the basis of the ship, the helmsman in which Christ speaks and who immediately convinced everyone to cross the threshold of the cathedral: the separation of the ship consists of three parts, the central circular area and other domes, As well as the combination of classic marine colors, a rich blue and white. There are no murals In the decoration of the temple, only a single inscription of the Bible at the base of the main dome of the drum. All attention is focused on the richness of iconostasis and meetings of individual icons.

Among the most revered icons is the ancient icon of the Kazan Mother of God, a list of the icon of Chriat the saviour, the miraculous image of St. Nicholas and the image of the temple of Peter I of St. Vladimir, which is the main ship of the cathedral.

Another particularly revered temple sanctuary is the icon-reliquary of the 49 saints.

Religious services are held every day with professionals and fans of choral singing.

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