The Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Saint Petersburg never stops to amaze us with its beauty and grandeur. The only cultural center with such a great architectural landmarks although its history is not so simple. This city does not leave indifferent any person who has ever been there. It will remain forever in the memory, leaving some brilliant unforgettable impressions.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral is a famous landmark not only in the city but around the whole world. Like a large domed building in Europe. The temple was built by the genius of engineering and construction projects, which surprises with its majestic architecture, mosaics and other forms of art. The history of the Cathedral began with the founding of St. Petersburg, received its name in honor of the holy Isaac of Dalmatian guardian angel of Peter I.

The temple is the most powerful building in St. Petersburg. St. Isaac’s Cathedral is decorated with one hundred twelve columns of different sizes, the largest golden dome is unique in its beauty, preserved durability till today. The splendor with numerous decorative details in the architecture of the temple was made according to the trends of Russian architecture. Orthodox Cathedral inside and outside profusely decorated with biblical sculptures. In the creation participated great sculptors, brilliant craftsmen of the time. This monumental works and decorative sculpture of the XIXth century are unique in the world.

The bas-reliefs of the cathedral, decorated with fragments of the life of Jesus Christ and Isaac of Dalmatia, give solemnity and decorative to the temple. Angels with lamps, a figure of evangelists sitting, statues of the apostles, twenty-four figures of angels standing on the top edge of the beautiful extraordinary silhouette of the building. The interior decoration of the temple is elaborated exclusively with perfect and diverse gemstones. The most important and incredible element of the interior is the main iconostasis made of luxury furniture. The copies of mosaic, paintings, murals and capture the imagination.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral is currently the largest of the Orthodox church, allowing for special days to carry out the religious service. As the largest museum in the world, the temple is visited by thousands of people to see greatness and beauty, to immerse in the unique atmosphere of history, an unforgettable experience.

Address: St. Isaac’s Square, 4, St. Petersburg, Russia, 190000
Year of creation: 1858
Schedule: 10: 30-17: 30
Height: 102 m
Architectural style: neo-classical style
Purpose: Cathedral (temple)
Phone: +7 812 315-97-32
Architect: Auguste Montferrand