St. Petersburg Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium in St. Petersburg opened its doors in 1998. It is a subsidiary of the Utrish dolphinarium, which is based on the village, in the Black Sea in 1984, based on the marine research station as it was involved in the representation of bottlenose dolphins, beluga whales, seals, sea lions and walruses. During their acts, the animals can jump out of the water, jump through hoops, carry the trainers on their backs, sing, draw and perform other tricks that are always a delight for children and adults.

The dolphins sleep peculiarly, when one hemisphere sleeps, the other is awake. There is a pool of artificial sea water. Salinity is close to the composition of water in the Black Sea. Of course, holding these animals in their natural habitat in St. Petersburg is not possible, but zoo staff are doing everything they can to make the actors feel comfortable.

There is a suggestion that dolphins do not hear the human voice, but this is not so, dolphins are able to perceive the music and the loud voice, although they do not detect the sounds at the highest frequencies.


Address: Constantino Avenue, 19, Swimming pool, “Krestovsky Island” “Spartak”; Telephone: (812) 235-46-31, 380-95-45

The performances are carried out on the expected date, the date and the next hour is best specified on the official website; The duration of the presentation is 45 min.

Cost: adult tickets between 300-1000 RUB, children (under 10 years) between 100-700 RUB; And a photo with a dolphin costs between 300 to 700 RUB per image.

Additional services

In St. Petersburg dolphins can swim with people from 14 years old. The approach for swimming involves touching with animals and also playing with them with the use of accessories. The cost is RUB 7500-8000 per person. A group of 4 people is made up of the visitors themselves. Free swimming is cheaper, but the opportunity to only see the behavior of animals under market conditions will cost between 30 000 – 32 000 RUB for 4 people. Inquiries and reservations can be consulted by the contact number: 7 (812) 610-55-15.

Dolphin Therapy is a rehabilitation for the improvement of children and adults in the author’s program.
For additional information you can also check by calling them at: 7 (812) 610-55-15.Prices on the page indicated are based on February 2016.

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