The Dostoyevsky area

As tourists, we know that visiting historic buildings and churches is not the only way to impregnate the local color. If we speak of a country with the extent and cultural richness that Russia has, it is a real injustice not to consider all the nuances that offers this country. Among all Russian cultural abundance, literature is one of the most recognized and admired directions around the globe. Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gogol, Dostoevsky; Just to name the most known writers, transcend epochs and borders. The writers who created the whole world for all lover of literature.

Any reader of the world will be greatly attracted by the possibility of visiting the area in which used to live and work the great Fyodor Dostoevsky. The enormous, ineffable and tormented writer, who moved together different generations of different parts of the world, who could not live more than three years of life in the same place. As a romantic, he always looked for corners that would communicate with two streets which looked the windows. Also, according to his biographers, he was a lover of the church bells, and for this reason he sought to live near them.

On those eccentric journeys in search of a comforting shelter, Fedor Dostoyevsky moved in a small apartment in one area of St. Petersburg. There, the famous writer lived in three different houses and for that reason, the zone is known like “The area of Dostoyevsky”.

The first one has been converted into a museum, the “Dostoyevsky Museum”, another became a prestigious hotel called “The House of Dostoevsky”. The last house is the one that kept the original function: to serve as accommodation for the people of the area.

It is known that artists, whether musicians, painters, dancers or writers, use their experiences to create their works. In Dostoevsky’s case, this idea coincides with reality. St. Petersburg is a beautiful, interesting and abundant cultural city. In his works, Dostoyevsky portrays it as a sad, gray city, full of puddles and filled with dirty snow. In his works the days are cloudy, sad and cold. It usually describes its inhabitants as dark and low-class, but this is consistent with the situation of that times. Today, the reality of St. Petersburg is very different.

It is a vital city, with history but with a future, and it is very important to know it for everyone who wants to get to know this amazing city.