The Egyptian bridge and the Greek sphinxes

In the past, in the city of St. Petersburg, the Egyptian Bridge rose with surprising glory. High porticoes, majestic columns, hieroglyphics, and a host of beautiful, ostentatious decorations gave the Egyptian bridge a splendid bearing.

Unfortunately, in 1905 the bridge sank, carrying all the ornamentation down and leaving it in oblivion, lying forever in the depths of the Fontanka River, an arm of the Neva River.

According to the legend, the Egyptian Bridge felt down because of the vibration produced by an Infantry regiment marching on it. It is unlikely that this urban myth is true, however, what is certain is that after its reconstruction the bridge lost its former beauty.

Of all the ornaments that the bridge had, only a few sad sphinxes have been restored, which have become the solitary guardians of this place. These sphinxes were not Egyptian, they were the result of the work of Pavel Sokolov, and they do not even maintain the Egyptian style but they were sculpted like Greek sphinxes.

Despite this, the Egyptian Bridge is still an important point of all the city tours, if you visit St. Petersburg, do not ignore it in any case.