The Hermitage celebrated 250 years

In the year 2014 the famous Hermitage museum that harbors one of the most important collections of the whole world,  has celebrated 250 of existence.

Precisely that same year the museum was awarded as the best museum in Europe by the TripAdvisor, the main internet portal related to tourism.

As well 2014 was the year in which the Hermitage had the greatest growth in almost all its history. In fact, perhaps since Catherine II, the founder of the museum, had bought 225 paintings that were her first exhibition, the Hermitage had not shown such good growth never again. The name of Hermitage, a French word that means “solitary place”, is because these 225 original paintings were placed in rooms quite removed from the palace, and as a curiosity, you can still see 96 of these paintings exposed in the museum.

The celebration of the anniversary was on December 7 and the whole museum was open to the public with special decoration and unique exhibitions. For the year 2015 there are important exhibitions such as “Archeology in the Hermitage”, “New acquisitions” and “Restoration in the Hermitage”.