The Mariinsky Theater

The Mariinsky Theater is Russia’s largest musical theater, which played an important role in the development of Russian ballet and opera. The orchestra of the theater is under the direction of V. A. Gergieva and it is one of the best orchestras in the world, as the opera and ballet companies are considered as the strongest among national and foreign groups. It has a repertoire of theater along with classic performances, performances by progressive choreographers and world premieres of contemporary composers.


The history of the occurrence of the Mariinsky Theater dates back to 1783, when Catherine the Great decreed the opening of the Bolshoi Theater (Stone) in the square, which would later be called “The Theater”. The place has become the St. Petersburg Conservatory. The theater has been equipped with latest technology, as well as the building, designed by Antonio Rinaldi which has a large size and architecture. The Russian company carries out in this same place, exchanges with the foreigner, theatrical presentations as well as concerts. Over time, performances by the Russian opera company were transferred to the stage of the Alexandrinski Theater and the so-called “Circus-Theater”, which faces Bolshoi.

When in 1859, the Circus-Theater was burned down, the current Mariinsky Theater, named after the Empress Maria Alexandrovna, wife of Alexander II, was built in its place. In it the opera moved, and later the company of ballet. On October 2, 1860, it was the grand opening of the theater production known as “A Life in the Tsar” of Glinka. In the nineteenth century the building was submitted to reconstruction twice, thus improving the acoustics of the room and the stage.

During the Leningrad, in the theater building, there were more than twenty projectiles, but towards the end of the war it had already been restored. Throughout most of the Soviet period it was called as the “Kirov Theater”, and under this name it is still remembered abroad. In 1992 its historical name was returned, and now it is “The Mariinsky State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet”. In 2006, the theater received at its disposal a concert hall on decembrists street.

The repertoire of theater and festivals

The repertoire of today’s Mariinsky Theater includes classical opera and ballet plays, such as “The Nutcracker”, “Giselle”, “Sleeping Beauty”, Aida programs, “The Sylphide”, “Don Quixote ”

” The Bayadera “,” Prince Igor “and symphonic music. Every year in the theater there is a premiere. Some of them were born as a result of cooperation with the world’s largest venues, such as Covent Garden, The Scala, The Fenice Theater in Tel Aviv, San Francisco, among others.

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