The St. Petersburg Admiralteysky District

The history of the St. Petersburg Admiralty District, as its name implies, has always been closely related to the Russian Navy. The district has the Navy Ministry, Orthodox San Nicolás Naval Cathedral of the Epiphany and the “Shipyards of the Admiralty”, thus dealing with the oldest shipbuilding company in the country. The names of some streets in the district have a “water” theme, such as Galernaya, as well as Marina Street.

The Admiralty building was built in a remarkably short time frame. The construction of this one took a little more than a year, and later, the first ships began to be produced a few months after the start of construction. It should be noted that the original Admiralty was also used to protect the city, where the original version of the building was once the fort, and the size of it was actually small, almost half a mile long. He had an incredible symphony, even for our time.

At a height of 72 meters above the town on the spire of the Admiralty is the paddle-boat, which became one of the symbols of the city. Below it, of course, seems to be quite small and lightweight, but it actually weighs about 65 kilograms, since it also has a gold coating. It is known that in the early 18th century, during the construction of the Admiralty and ships, similar to the one that topped his needle, it was not in Russia. According to one version or source, the ship in the time palette is an exact copy of the Eagle, the first Russian military vessel, which was built in 1668.

There are several legends associated with this boat. Some in St. Petersburg believe that the flags on the weathervane of the boat are made of pure gold, and also that their personal bow table was stored by Peter I. Once in St. Petersburg, there were rumors that under the boat are stored samples of each gold coin, minted in the city from its base, however it is mostly a secret hiding place, where lost things are stored permanently, so it is not open to anyone. During the golden needle in 1977, in a place under the ship (the same part where the coins were stored) was concealed the draft Constitution of the USSR.

However, even without the “Sea” component in the Admiralty area, you can admire other unique things, such as the Isaac Cathedral and the Bronze Horseman.

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