The theaters in Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a historic and wonderful city. Each year attracts more and more tourists from all over the world. Everyone knows its museums, architectural monuments, Nevsky Avenue, Hermitage. In this article, we would like to tell you about one more part of the cultural life of the city that can not be forgotten and must be visiting: Theaters of St. Petersburg.

  1. The Mariinsky Theater

The most famous opera and ballet theater in St. Petersburg and Russia. The theater was built in the year 1783 by the order of Catherine II

  1. Mikhailovsky Theater

Another well-known opera and ballet theater of the St. Petersburg Mikhailovski Theater. Was built in the year 1833. The theater has the name of the great prince Mikhail the son of Paul I. The palace of Mikhail used to be his residence (now in this building is the Russian State Museum).

Teatro Mijailovski

  1. The Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe

The drama theater was opened during World War II in 1944. From the beginning the theater did not have the program nor its own building, the theatrical ensemble gave its shows in the towns and regions of St. Petersburg. And only in 1956 the theater got its own location, now the theater is located on the Rubinshteina street, 18.

Teatro Maliy del Drama - Teatro de Europa

  1. Alexandrinsky Theatre

One of the oldest drama theaters in Russia, preserved until the present time.

It was founded in 1756 by the order of queen Elisabeth as a Russian theater to show the tragedies and comedies. In 1832 the theater was named in the honor of queen Aleksandra Fedorovna the wife of tsar Nikolas I. Throughout the XIXth century theater was a center of theatrical and cultural life. Now in the XXIst century, the theater is developed. In the year 2015 was opened the second stage with the work “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky.

El Teatro Alexandrinski

  1. Komissarzhevskaya Theatre

In the year 1942 during the siege of Leningrad, the new theater was opened to maintain the moral force in those hard times. In 1959 the theater named in honor of actress Vera Komisarzevskaya, the famous actress of the XXth century. The theater has its own traditions and developing every year. One of the important directions of the theater is an exchange of visits and joint projects with other theaters.

  1. Hermitage Theatre

The theater was built in 1787. The theater is located on the place of the ex-palace of Peter the Great. To enter to the theater you should go through the main door of the Grande Hermitage. The theater is small, can accommodate 250 people (from the beginning this theater was conceived as a theater for the royal family and the closest people). The room is unique: it was built in a way that it is not necessary to use binoculars, the whole act of the play looks perfectly from any seat. The Hermitage Theater is the oldest building in St. Petersburg, In November 2005 Theatre celebrated 220 years old!

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