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We are a free tour company in san petersbrugo that performs low cost routes throughout russia. Our group of guides wants to be able to offer all tourists who make a trip to Russia a free service in the main cities and cheap group tours in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
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Our guides have a lot of experience in guided services and will make you spend a pleasant time getting to know the city of Saint Petersburg. Each of us has specialized in one or more fields that make our knowledge perfect for the development of the tours we carry out.

The streets and buildings of Saint Petersburg, a Russian city that is confused with the best and most beautiful European architecture, makes us love every corner of Saint Petersburg and we want to know more.

Let us guide you through this city, let us show you the best of its beauty, come to our free tour every Wednesday morning, Friday and Saturday.

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Reach hundreds of tourists who want to take a tour in Saint Petersbugo, who want to know the city of Saint Petersburg and stroll through these wonderful streets.


Saint Petersburg is a very complete city through which you can walk thanks to the fact that it does not have hills or places that are difficult to access, but if you want to get to know the city of Saint Petersburg with a guide, the best option is to take a free tour, perfect for a first contact. with the city and its monuments.


Our idea is to be able to offer this service to all people who travel to Saint Petersburg and join us.



In addition to the free tour, we carry out other paid tours, which of course each person can choose to expand their knowledge and enjoy the city of Saint Petersburg.

We wait for you on our tours on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 10:00 am from the yellow arch at the entrance to the Hermitage Square.

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Free tour in Saint Petersburg, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 10:00am

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