The Lena’s Stone Forest

A country with an extension as huge as the Russian Federation presents not only a rich history and beautiful historical buildings, a great diversity of landscapes to discover. Some of them are really amazing and impressive, as the Lake Baikal. But as well we will visit a very curious and exceptional place known as The stone forest of Yakuts or Lena’s Stone Forest.

This strange landscape is located in Khangalassky ulus, in eastern Siberia, and this place is very difficult to reach for tourists. Difficult but not impossible for those who really want to admire a unique design of nature, the best architect what is shown very good in the forests of Lena River. First, you can fly from Moscow to the city of Yakutsk. Once there, you should take a boat that, after a long trip of three days, traveling 80 kilometers along the Lena River, and finally you see the impressive stone pillars with very curious shapes, caves, and towers that look like statues. The whole landscape has been forming by nature during thousands and thousands of years, giving the place the unique appeal of the stone forms that delineate the coast of the river. The view is imposing, all around is conspicuous silence, only interrupted by the human presence. The river water is freezing but very clean because it is far from the city.

The place is a geological treasure and also has the attraction of hosting hundreds of species of animals and plants, some of them in danger of extinction. Scientists have devoted themselves with special interest to study the forest region because of its importance in explaining the evolution of the natural world. In the rocky forests of Lena have been found some fossils dating of the Cambrian period.

Except that the place is located very far and it is pretty hard to get there, the climate is hostile to the visitor, with very hard winters reaching the forty degrees below zero temperature. At this time the river freezes and is not possible to navigate, although in many cases people use here sled dog.

For the brave and adventurous tourist, Lena’s Stone Forests are a much more than just an interesting reason to visit Russia and know its geography.