The Princess Snegurochka

The New Year has come and began the time of the holidays and the typical Christmas stories.

Russia is a country extremely rich in its own traditions so they do not need to copy foreign figures for your parties, which are the main characters of the country’s stories.

It is the case of Snegurochka. The personage is originally from Kostroma, it is the granddaughter and helper of the Russian version of Santa Claus or better known in the country as “Grandfather of the cold” (Ded Moroz). although the history of this personage does not come from Slavic mythology, Snegurochka is as old and eternal as Russia.

Her figure has inspired many writers, including Alexander Ostrovsky who wrote a series of literature and compositions of the level of Tchaikovsky and Rimski-Korsakov. However, not only Alexander Ostrovsky wrote about the snow lady, his predecessor Alexander Afanasiev named one of his stories “Snegurka” about a woman made of snows.

In the reign of Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia, in the early XXth century, Snegurochka was already associated with the winter holidays. However, after the Bolsheviks revolution, her figure was banned by the authorities. In spite of all the problems that happened her figure reappeared again in 1935 when the celebration of Christmas was replaced by the New Year party as the main festival of Russia.

There is one hotel called “Snegurochka”. It is a hotel where the main theme is the figure of the snow lady, where they take advantage of selling different sculptures, toys and handmade sculptures following the theme of the Grandfather’s daughter made of snow. The personage of Sneguroshka crossed the borders of the small town of Kostroma, and went out to the national level. She has become part of the festivals, not only in the New Year parties but also in the Ballet, being the protagonist between all the dance lines.