The Alexander Column

It is one of the most famous monuments of St. Petersburg, it is like something familiar for each one of us, it is literally from school. A monument almost 200 years old. It was erected in the square of the palace of Nicholas I in 1834 by the architect Auguste Montferrand.

The Alexander Column, on the one hand, is connected with the emperor Alexander I, who triumphed over Napoleon, and on the other, with the beacon of Farossky (Alexandria), which is one of the seven wonders, which embodies the highest level of Human achievement. The aim of the Alexander Column was to surpass all the existing columns in the world. In fact, to this day, the Alexander Column is the tallest tower in the world and it is made of solid stone. The elevation of this great monolith is a pedestal with a special lifting system created by the Petersburg architects.

At the top of the monument, the sculptor B. Orlovsky carved an angel whose face was made with the features of Alexander I. The angel on the serpent at the top of the tower symbolizes the tranquility that brought Russia to Europe, overcoming Napoleon . The bas-reliefs on the pedestal of Alexander’s column allegorically represent the glory of Russian arms and symbolize the bravery of the Russian army representing victory and glory, dates of memorable battles, peace, justice and wisdom.

Data and figures

The Alexander Column is made of red granite, which is not found in St. Petersburg, it is only found in the quarry of Pyuterlakskoy near Vyborg. The figure of the angel is made of polished pink granite. There are 1250 columns under the pedestal of the base, each one with 6 meters long stacks. The column is installed with help of a special design in the cobblestones of the Petersburg forests. It is curious that the installation only lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes, and involved 2000 soldiers and 400 workers.

The column itself weighs 600 tons. No excavation was carried out on the ground, it was only fixed to the base, and kept in place exclusively due to the precise calculation and its own weight.

The angel who crowns the Alexander Column, stands at a height of 4.26 meters and holds a cross of 6.4 meters long. The pedestal, on which the column of Alexander is situated is 2.85 meters high. The weight of the set is 704 tons. Here it is the greatness of Russian arms, a monument to the victory of the army, not only of them, but also of all Russia’s people.

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