The Alexandrinski Theater in St. Petersburg

Children were not allowed to enter the oldest theater in Russia, especially for the organized groups of children of school age. In case of not being accompanied by an adult, a teenager over 12 years old should be allowed to enter with them. Thus, that is how the strict rules of the Alexandrinski Theater are, located at one of the most beautiful buildings in Nevsky Prospekt. The theater was named that way in honor of Emperor Nicholas’ wife, named Alexandra Fyodorovna.

The first permanent public theater in Russia was established by the decree of Empress Elizabeth in 1756, at that time it was called “the theater of Russian ideas, tragedies and comedies”. Almost 80 years after the organization of the company a building was built: the Karlom Rossi. This architectural monument of St. Petersburg was developed in the Imperial style and is now protected by UNESCO.

The theater is located on an underground tributary of the Fontanka River, supported on a floating base of 5,000 oak piles. This Venetian technology will allow Russia to build a building, with existing stone structures. Through the grid on the living room floor you can see the flow of the rivers.

Then in 1832, the theater received a new name “Alexandrinski”, known as the patron of arts and theater. Today it is officially called the State Academic Theater of Drama, and bears the name of A. S. Pushkina. Although it’s similarly known as the Alexandrinka of St. Petersburg.

Great directors like Vsevolod Meyerhold, Leonid Vivien, Grigory Kozintsev, Georgy Tovstonogov and Nikolay Akimov worked in the theatre. Today, the Alexandrinski Theater is run by a Russian Folk Artist, the director Valery Fokin.

In the repertoire of Aleksandrinsky there are more than two dozen plays, among which are the famous “Uncle Vania”, the “gull”, “the marriage”. Here you can see the ballet as “The Swan Lake” and “The Bayadera”. As well as contemporary representations: “The dream of a ridiculous man” and “Flowers for Charlie”. An international theater of the same name is held in Alexandrinski.

In May 2013, Alexandrinka opened a new scene. This is a real creative laboratory, with an arsenal of modern technical equipment, where the game and performance can be fantastic.

Practical information

Address – Ostrovsky Square, 2.
Tickets for the night performances on stage range from 900 to 9000 RUB.
For getting tickets for the repertoire shows, the schedule is from 1 pm to 2 pm but in the Alexandrinsky theater they sell a reduced price, there is a 10% discount.
The prices indicated on the webpage are from June 2016.

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