The Dostoyevsky Museum

The Dostoevskogo Museum was established in an apartment in the blacksmith alley, where the writer finished the novel called “The Karamazov Brothers” and spent the last years of his life there. The idea of the museum belongs to Dostoevsky’s widow, Anna, who left St. Petersburg in 1917, delivering to the store all the personal objects of her deceased husband, who later formed the basis of the museum.

The exhibition is divided into two parts, a monument and literary. In the part of the monument of the dwelling is the front part, the living room, the study, the dining room, the personal belongings Dostoyevsky and its furniture. Every corner of the room symbolizes one of the stages of the writer’s life.

The furniture of the available Dostoyevsky apartments of the home were recreated on numerous occasions. Visitors will also be able to observe a rather gloomy atmosphere in the house and the views from the window, from where the writer’s work originated in his later years.

The literary exposition includes editions of Dostoevsky’s works of his entire life, as well as the history of works, books and photographs signed by the writer, as well as the famous manuscripts and portraits of heroes from the prototypes of his contemporary novels. One of the most interesting exhibitions is the “Dostoyevsky Petersburg” card. This is a work done by the artist Boris Kostygova, where he marked on a map all the directions in which the heroes of Dostoevsky’s works live, including their homes in an enlarged view with certain descriptions.

The writer’s library has more than 24,000 books, and this collection continues to grow, thanks to the donations of museum friends and research scholars of Dostoevsky’s work.

In addition to the exhibition, the museum has an auditorium, which houses plays based on Dostoevsky’s works, such as the annual international scientific conference “Dostoyevsky and the Cultures of the World” in November, as well as literary events and exhibitions.

Practical information

Address: metro station “Vladimirskaya”, “Dostoevskaya” Blacksmith rail 5/2, Apt. 119; Tel :. 7 (812) 311-40-31, +7 (812) 164-69-50.

The opening hours are from 11:00 until 18:00. Monday and Wednesday from 13:00 until 20:00.
Entrance fee: adults (Russian citizens) must pay 120 RUB. Students (Russian citizens) pay RUB 50, and children under 7 years of age, as well as university students and museum workers can enter for free. In case of foreign citizens, adults pay 200 RUB and students 100 RUB.

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