The Monplaisir Palace

The Monplaisir Palace is located in Peterhof, and was built in the 18th century, the place gives much to talk about from the coasts of the Loire region, for its great elegance and originality. It is enjoyed by the simple fact of walking on Monplaisir taking into account its quiet whispering waves of the Gulf of Finland.

It was named “Monplaisir” by Peter’s decision, when it was hardly planned to build a small and cozy mansion on the shore. It should be noted that “Monplaisir” in French can be translated as “My Pleasure”, or in other words “My Enjoyment”.

Monplaisir is considered the “heart” of Peterhof, and this became one of the favorite sites. It was Peter who determined its location, and largely worked on the interiors and some decorative elements. Many architects participated in the construction of this palace from 1714 to 1723. Several outstanding figures of cement and sand were made, such as Schluter, Braunstein, Leblon and Michetti. In addition, the best painters, sculptors and carvers of that time worked at this palace.

For the palace’s incredible design, Peter decided to build a building that would respond to the needs of men and the illustrated erudite rather than the usual idle aristocrat. It has rooms and living rooms, but the main advantage of Monplaisir, of course, are the things inside. It can be seen that on the walls of the mansion a first collection of paintings by European artists of the 17th and 18th centuries, which were personally acquired by Peter I were kept. Some interior paintings were made by the artist F. Pilmanom of France .

Something very remarkable or outstanding in Monplaisir is its large collection of Chinese porcelain, as well as Russian crystals, ceramics from Holland and kitchen utensils from the time of Peter I. There are also tiles, lacquered panels, carved oak panels and The omnipresent noble marble of Peterhof.

It is especially pleasant to walk in the palace grounds, as you feel or realize how many historical events have occurred over time inside their walls. Associates at Monplaisir, such as Pedro I, merchants and ambassadors came together. Also imperial court congresses were approved, gala receptions, and in 1725 Catherine I solemnly took the first members of the Academy of Sciences in Monplaisir. Catherine II also liked to be in Monplaisir, where she had small meetings with a narrow circle of people who for her, were confidants.

The architectural monument Monplaisir already existed since the 18th century, and associated it with the name of Peter I. His personal belongings and diplomatic gifts are still kept in the palace collection.

Montplaisir is situated on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, between the Grand Palace and the park “Alexandria”. From October to May, the palace is closed.

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