The Palace Stables in Peterhof

The phenomenon of the Russian mansión is a sample of the reach of our Slav soul as it owns giant stables. These, because of their large size, decoration and architecture are considered the most complex between independent palaces or haciendas. They are found in many domains of aristocratic families throughout Russia; The stables of the palace, of course, could not be missed at Peterhof.

The project of the imperial palace in the Peterhof stables belonged to the brilliant Nikolayu Benua, and Nicholas I had the idea of building the luxurious “house” for the horses. The construction was rapid, since in just 7 years, From 1848 to 1855, the set of stables was built in a farm located in Alexandria.

It is remarkable not only the designation of great buildings, but also of architecture. The stables were built in gothic fashion style and the dimensions are really gigantic. At first glance, people do not realize it despite being in front of them. The perimeter reaches about 500 m, and for the palace this became something positive, therefore it is probably one of the highlights of the whole of Alexandria.

Unfortunately, Benoit personally could not complete his next creation, due to the Crimean war, in addition to the fact that the Emperor Nicholas I could not carry out the construction and entertainment works. After the king’s death, when Alexander II ascended the throne, they observed that these buildings were incredibly expensive and this caused that the stables were no longer a good place, therefore they were forgotten and remained in the “imperial era” Although for other purposes.

Today the palace stables are shaped like an irregular quadrangle with nine towers at the corners, which give the fabulous gothic buildings a veil of mystery.

The complex consists of the palace stables and service buildings, which are connected by a stone wall with lagoons, and an empty courtyard in the center of the building, besides the old riding hall, and the courtyard where now you can stroll.

The stables of the palace from 1976 to 2013 served as a sanatorium “Petrodvorets”, allowing you to rest in the open air, surrounded by the surprising and nearby atmospheres considered the main treasures of the architectural wonders of Russia in Peterhof. However, in view of rising incomes, the sanatorium had to leave, and regarding the building it was decided to restructure underneath an expensive hotel.

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