The Peterhof Chapel

The main feature of the “Alexandria” park is that it has a strange nuance throughout Peterhof, the mother church of the imperial family, consecrated in honor of Aleksandra Nevskogo. This church was built between 1831 and 1833. For Menelas and Charlemagne, the temple known as the Peterhof Chapel, has a neogothic style, which can be self-proclaimed as “a rare pearl of Orthodox architecture.”

There are few temples with the neo-Gothic style in Russia, therefore, it is interesting to go see the Aleksandra Nevskogo church located in “Alexandria”.

The site for the construction of the temple was chosen by Nicolas I himself in 1829 after having completed the construction of some single-family houses. The emperor liked the western part of “Alexandria”, therefore, settled on the site and decided to build a sanctuary for the home. The famous German architect Karl-F.Shinkel was the author of the chapel, and was appointed chief architect by A. Menelaws, after the death of I. I Sharleman, in September 1831. The Construction was completed quickly because by the summer of 1834 the church was ready, and for the 3rd of July it was solemnly consecrated in the name of the Holy Grand Prince Aleksandra Nevskogo.

The church services were only held during the summer, as the royal family arrived right at a cottage on the summer holidays.

With the advent of the Revolution, the temple, as well as the rest of Russia, was a dark epoch. In 1918 the church was closed, while the museum opened two years later and then closed again and only after a few years, in 1933, began to display an exhibition on the history of the “Alexandria” park, During World War II the church was severely damaged, and the restoration was carried out between the years 1970 and 1999, when the museum just opened its doors.

During two days, September 26 and 27, 2006, in the church, Aleksandra Nevskogo presented the coffin of the Empress Maria Feodorovna, who was brought from Denmark for her new burial in her native country located in the fortress of Peter and Paul in St. Petersburg .

Fortunately, in 2006 after a repair, it began again to take the parishioners, and it was again solemnly consecrated St. Petersburg Metropolitan and Vladimir Ladoga.

The chapel is incredibly beautiful, with an elegant landscape, because at first glance it draws attention and you can get looks of admiration. Not surprisingly, the temple is decorated with a thousand details that were issued at the Aleksandrovski foundry in 1832. Apart from the “iron decoration”, it is decorated with 43 statues of copper. In addition, above each portal, there are colored glasses, and at the top is found the figure of an angel. Also, inside the chapel, there is a painting which belongs to the talented artisan A. Nave.

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