Book a tour in Saint Petersburg

Terms of recruitment

All reservations are per group, it is not necessary to pay per person for the tour reservation.
From this page you can book the payment services you want, choosing the option that suits you best, can book your tour by paying the symbolic requirement from the paypal platform.

Paypal is a secure platform with which we do not access your personal data, you derive the specific amount for the reservation, which offers complete security for customers and the company.

All reservations have a minimum shipping cost, normally 7-10% of the total shipped, shipping costs are not included in the total of the reservation.

Remember, the reservation is made to guarantee that the tour is done on the day and time selected, with this symbolic reserve, which is deducted from the total tour when paying in the city, we commit, both parties, to be in the Meeting place at the agreed time. If you do not arrive at the meeting point without a minimum cancellation time, the reservation payment will be used to cover the transportation costs and waiting time.

The cancellations can be made 24 to 12 hours before the tour starts.