The Aurora Cruiser

The ship Aurora was built on May 22 of 1897, but only in July 1903 was commissioned and started to be at service, of the Russian Empire.

During the Russo-Japanese War the ship was included in the squadron of the Pacific Ocean and had to sail until the far east in October of 1904.

Aurora fired her first cannon at the Battle of Tsushima on May 27 of 1905 and was one of the Russian ships who survived this battle, returning to the Baltic and being used for the training of Cadets of the Naval College.

During the years 1906-1912 the Aurora sailed the world and in November 1911 was in Bangkok for the crowning of the King of Siam.

In World War I participated in battles in the Baltic and later was taken to Petrograd in 1916 for repairs.

Siege of Leningrad.

During the incredible 900-day of the siege of Leningrad, when more than 41,000 people in the city died, Aurora fought in the Gulf of Finland against the Nazi invaders around Leningrad with all their armament, but the ship was finally sent to the sea after a nazi attack

In 1957 it was again afloat and moved to its present location in the river Neva next to the Hermitage. In 1987 a complete restoration was carried out and nowadays we can visit the Aurora as a museum.

This is just one of the countless stories that had lived through the Aurora, if you visit the Venice of the North, St. Petersburg do not forget to visit this historic jewel; A ship that survived times of tsars, the battle of Tsushima against Japan, World War I, and even began the Russian Revolution by firing the first cannon in October 1917.

Sank, recovered, and rebuilt. The ship has even lasted until the collapse of the Soviet Union. What future is waiting for this great ship?