How to travel cheap to Saint Petersburg?

Everyone wants to visit Saint Petersburg, many people are dreaming of traveling to this city. But what can stop you? Why so many people have doubts and do not dare to explore this cultural capital of Russia? The prices! That is the reason. In this article we would like to talk about how to travel to St. Petersburg and do not spend many money. Useful advices for every traveller!

Cheap night

You can spend the night in a variety of low-cost hostels and mini hotels in St. Petersburg. The prices here range from an average of 500 to 2,000 rubles per night. Sometimes it is possible to rent a hostel for the big companies because the hostel has rooms with several beds. In these places you will find all the necessary conditions for a good rest: free access to WI-FI, TV in the rooms, kitchen, cabinets and much more.

To find cheap hotels is not difficult. For example, hostel “Friends” which you can find in many parts of the city.

Baby Lemonade Hostel offers rooms for groups of 4, 6, 8 and 10 people, and double rooms at very affordable prices, ranging from 400 to 1320 rubles. Their hippie interior will please the younger guests.

In St. Petersburg, there are also lots of Mini Hotels. These hotels can be found in ordinary buildings where the owners combine several apartments as well as separate business centers and office buildings. The rooms are equipped and not worse than in expensive hotels, but they are much cheaper.

Important information: During “white nights” season (June-July) and New Year prices in most hotels significantly increase.

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Not long time ago it became fashionable to open some anti-cafe. It is a place where you pay not for food you ordered but for the time you spend. There are some table games, tea and sweets, set-top boxes, WI-FI, comfortable sofas and coffee tables. In these anti-cafes you can spend time with friends or alone, take a break from sightseeing and explore the city and prepare a plan, for example, the future route.

Anti-cafe “Freestel FD” place where combines space for creativity and relaxation. In this anti-cafe guests can rent a budget room overlooking Nevsky Prospekt Avenue, then visit an interesting masterclass, tea ceremony or to participate in the video game battle.

Another anti-cafe we can offer you is “Cuisine”. Here they offer to guests play a variety of board games, Xbox, listen to their favorite music, read a book from the small library, which is available in the cafeteria as well as play chess or checkers. The price is only 2 rubles for 1 minute.

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Free days in the museums

There are some days when you can enter to the most of the museums of Saint Petersburg absolutely for free! In some of them, it is necessary to register in advance. Other museums have certain days of the year when they can be visited freely.

Therefore, to the Nabokov Museum, Museum of Russian Submarine Forces you can enter for free. In the exact time as well you can visit Vasilyevsky Island Mining Museum.

Traditionally, a certain day of the week (once a month), many museums have a free entrance.

The Zoological Museum and the Peter and Paul Fortress can be visited free on the last Thursday of each month. The State Hermitage, including the Imperial Museum of Porcelain Factory, open for free every first Thursday of every month.

Kunstkamera, Museum of Bread and Anna The Anna Akhmatova Museum at the Fountain House are opened every third Thursday of the month. On the first Monday of each month, you can go to the Museum of History of Religion, and the last Monday to look at the Museum of the Puppet.

As we said there are museums which open their doors free to the public only on certain days of the year. For example, the Alexander Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment opens to the public February 10 and June 6, The State Museum Of Political History Of Russia: on 23 February, 9 May, 12 June, 4 November and on Birthday of the museum: the second Sunday in October. These museums, as well as the Russian Museum and Museum-usadba G.R. Derzhavina, work free at their professional day: 18 May.

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Walking tours

The well-known fact is that St. Petersburg – a city with the most beautiful and diverse architecture in the world, it is a city-museum. Walking through the streets, alleys and parks is always free for everyone.

If you bring cash, you can always walk through the Embankment Admiralty, staring at the amazing architecture of St. Isaac and Kazan Cathedrals, visit the Church of the Savior on Blood on the Griboyedov embankment, as well you can make a trip to the Museum “Peterhof” and to the Peter and Paul Fortress.

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Almost every city has a Lenin street in Russia, and only in St. Petersburg there is John Lennon Street. The name, though unofficial, but the atmosphere is really a rock ‘n’ roll and Beatles’s style. One more free place to visit to.

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Tasty and cheap food

After a nice stroll around St. Petersburg, you definitely will be starving. It is time to eat properly and… not expensive! And there are such a places where customer service is nothing less than in a luxury restaurant.

Cafe “The Nutcracker” can accommodate 220 people, and an original interior design will make your lunch in the restaurant even more tasty. Another cheap restaurant:  “Steam” cafe.  It is a nice place for the lovers of healthy food. Cafe Club “PirO.G.I. in Fontanka” offers a variety of meals at economic prices. Italian pizza in the Bulgarian version you can try in the pizzeria “Varna”. Cheap bar “Zhirobas” will surprise you of their delicious recipes of European cuisine.