Ladozhsky railway station

Among the complicated rails separating the streets of Nevsky and Krasnogvardeisky areas, was built a modern building щаrailway statioт. The railway station Ladozsky vokzas is the only transit station in the city.

The construction is very interesting, modern, with the elements of the architecture of the year 1910s.

However, the main advantage of this place is the functionality of the whole complex, is what the most important in the XIXst century.

The history of the construction of the station

The idea of building the sixth railway station in St. Petersburg, originated after the construction of the rail between the Nikolaevskaya and Finliandskaya stations. But the plan could not be realized for many years. In the 1960s plans of the construction of a new railway center finally appeared. At that time the train stations could no longer stand with such high passenger traffic.

At the end of the XX century the problem was bigger, and the decision to start building the Ladozsky train station was finally accepted.

The architect of the station was Nikita Yavein. Interesting that his dissertation project in the University was dedicated to … the construction of the Ladozsky train station. And many years later it was performed.

The resort has a capacity of 50 short-distance pairs and 26 pairs of long-distance trains. The station was built to the honor the anniversary of Saint Petersburg. In the years 2001-2003.

According to the new project, the new station had to be one of the most modern and “smart” in Europe. Its electronic component should offer the best level of comfort and unique degree of joint security with high-quality services for customers. The peculiarity of the building is that the complex should be located in the rather limited territory, between the metro station Ladoskaya and the rails of the stop “Dacha Dolgorukovikh”.

The architecture of the station

The architectural complex is very comfortable for passengers. For example platforms with long-distance trains are located higher, at the upper levels, and short-distance trains are located in underground levels. The main space of the upper level is the lightroom: there are located all the necessary services for the needs of the passengers.

The interiors are stunning without a doubt! For decoration, was used polished stone, the favorite material of the modernist architects of St. Petersburg.

Translated by Natalia Marchenko



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