The Bridges of Saint Petersburg

The city of St. Petersburg is often called “The Venice of the North”. And not in vain!

St. Petersburg is known by the quality of the bridges that it has. The large and small bridges, original and ordinary, all these constructions create the “face” of the city and convey its unique atmosphere.

We will tell you about several well-known and famous bridges.

  1. We start with Palace’s bridge (Dvortsovi Most).

Drawbridge made of cast iron through the Neva River. This bridge connects the central part of the city with the Vasilyevsky Island. This bridge is certainly one of the symbols of St. Petersburg.

The permanent bridge made of metal exist from the year 1916, before in its place used to be temporary bridges made of wood.

  1. Blagoveshchensky Bridge.

It is the first permanent and drawbridge across the river Neva. In the year 1842 the construction of the bridge was begun. During the revolution, the “Aurora” cruiser was located here. Before this bridge at the year 1727 at its place existed a floating bridge of Isaac.

Blagoveshenski puente

  1. Trinity Bridge (Troitsky Bridge)

Is one of the most prestigious bridges in St. Petersburg. The bridge has 5 arches and a mobile lapse. The bridge weighs 11 242 tons. The Troitsky Bridge was opened in 1903 and was the third permanent bridge in the city.

El puente Troitsky

  1. Potseluev bridge (Bridge of kisses).

One of the oldest bridges of St. Petersburg, which always has many legends because of its name. There is one thing to know: the name of the bridge has no relation to kissing, nor with people who likes to kiss here, the origin of the name comes from the surname of a noble Potseluev, who was the owner of the bar a near to this bridge.

  1. The Panteleimonovsky bridge.

    The bridge that forms a joint with the First Bridge Inzenerni, through the river Moika. These bridges are well known because here in the part of its connection is the monument to chizik – pizik.

  1. The Egyptian bridge.

    The name comes from its decoration that shows the characteristic style of the XIX century when the art of Ancient Egypt was very famous. It is still a mystery what was the purpose of building a bridge like this, and most importantly, why this bridge so majestic is located so far from the center of the city. The common explanation is that in this place used to be the army barracks, probably the government wanted to educate patriotism among the military. But the story still can not give a concrete answer.

  1. Bank Bridge.

The Bank bridge is another well-known bridge in the city. The origin of its name comes from the bank that was located near the bridge. Also, the bridge is guarded by griffins, the mystical creatures of lions with wings. It is very common to find there people selling amulets to bring money to their owner (small spoons, little mice and etc).


  1. Lion`s Bridge

The bridge named after 4 lions which are seating from the sides of the bridge. It is a very remarkable bridge thanks to its architectural decoration. The lions are the “brothers” of the taps of the other bridge because them they have been made by the same master.

El puente de los leones

  1. Anichkov bridge

    Another well-known bridge is located on Nevsky Prospect on the way to the Hermitage. Its name comes from the name of lieutenant colonel-engineer of Mikhail Anichkov who lived in the time of the queen Anna Ioanovna.


  1. Triple Bridge.

The informal name of the unique composition of the bridges, connecting three islands: Spassky, First Admiralteisky and Kazansky in the central district of St. Petersburg. Set of these bridges are unique in the world and belongs to the masterpieces of the architecture of the bridges.

Triple Puente el nombre informal

The Triple bridge is at the junction of the Griboyedov Canal and the Moika River.

It consists of a convergence in a small point Stables, Theater and bridge-dam of land between two rivers (sometimes referred to as a pedestrian, from the end of the XXth century appears the name of the false or false-bridge). Visually, the three bridges converge at one point.

Translated by Natalia Maschenko