The mysterious death of Grigori Rasputin

The life of Grigori Rasputin caused many conjectures and inventions. For some people he was a swindler who joined the king, others called him a saint, and others idolized him. But there were many who saw a threat to themselves. That’s why a lot of people tried to kill him.

The first attempts

There were many attempts to kill Rasputin, they said that he treated them with indulgence and many were forgiven that displeased his enemies even more.
There was a case when a group of armed officers bursts into Rasputin’s room. He sat there. Swords, loaded pistols, and drunk officers did not remove him from his tranquility. They saw that he was not afraid and was very calm it confused them a lot. They stood in a corner of the room. And he said to them, “Go away.” And they left.
There was an attempt on Rasputin’s life by an attractive woman with private motives who wanted to take the life of a wicked and evil man. She came to his reception, she was resolute on her decision. But he asked her to give him the revolver and leave.
They sent him poisoned food with cyanide, tried to tie him to a rock, kill him in the street and sink into the sea. But nobody got it.
Only one attempt was almost successful. But Rasputin’s way of acting with authority surprised many people.

In 1914 in the village Pokrovskoe the monk Iliodor and Minister Zhunkovskiy had the idea to kill Rasputin with the hands of a woman Guseva who used to go to Grigoriy’s house to visit him. This day he went to the post office to send a telegram to the czarina and found this woman begging. He took out 3 rubles and gave it to her. At this moment the woman, his old friend and lover stabbed him with a knife in his belly. The people around wanted to destroy her for this crime, but Rasputin did not let them. The wound was very serious. Doctors said that it was almost impossible to survive after this. A doctor did the operation and then Rasputin healed himself with different herbs.

Murder of Rasputin

Rasputin is known for his perdition also. One of them is about his own death. He said that if the people of the village were killed him, the Romanov’s dynasty would rule 100 years more, if noble people of the royal family were killed him. the king and his whole family would be killed and the revolution would begin.
The enemies had used Prince Yusupov to kill Grigori. At that day at the Yusupov palace on the Moyka River in St. Petersburg were waiting for a special guest. Felix Yusupov first gave to Rasputin cakes with cyanide, when the poison did not work, the prince began to shoot and made 10 shots. These 10 bullets did not assassinate the monk and he attempted to escape to the street through the garden, but the killer caught him and started to beat him, then they tied him with a rope and throw to the river, his body sank beneath the ice.
It is a version of his death, during the investigation the defendants changed their statements few times.
Shortly after murder his body was found in the river and was subsequently embalmed and sent to Tsarskoe Selo. A year later the soldiers of the temporary government removed the body and burned it, because even after his death they were afraid of him. According the legent the body of Rasputin set down during the incineration, which greatly frightened the soldiers. The remains of Russia’s most mysterious person were scattered in the wind. But his prophecies began to be fulfilled.