The typical Russian food

Here we would like to tell you about the typical and popular dishes of Russian cuisine, which we recommend to try in Russia. Before we have written about the typical Russian food in the page of Free Tour Moscow, but there we show you other Russian dishes, the previous article you can read here.

Mimosa (Мимоза, salad)

The name Mimosa. this salad received from the name of the tree (acacia mimosa) the reason is because this salad is similar to mimosa flowers. This salad usually preparing for some events and it has cheese, eggs, canned fish, onions, butter and mayonnaise. The mimosa began to be very popular in the 70’s of the XXth century in USSR.

Vinegret (Винегрет, salad)

vinegretVinegret is a very popular Russian beetroot salad. It has beets, potatoes, beans, carrots, marinated cucumber, onion with oil, vinegar and black pepper. The name of the salad came from the French word “vinaigrette”, which was a popular sauce before the revolution in Russia. In Russian cuisine this salad appeared from German cuisine in the XIXth century.

Uja (Уха, fish soup)

ujaUja is a fish soup and is very popular for cooking among fishermen right after fishing. This soup is one of the oldest dishes of Russian cuisine. The name and recipe of “uja” even could be found in the old books from the XIIth century. This soup usually carries fish (one or more types), onion, potato, carrot and different species.

Golubtsy (Голубцы, main course)

golubtsyRussians like to eat cabbage a lot and so they have many dishes based on this vegetable. Golubtsy is a dish of this group. This dish contains minced meat mixed with rice and wrapped in cabbage leaves and then baked in a saucepan with a special sauce. The process of preparation of Golubtsy is quite long and complicated but the result is original and tasty.

Befstroganoff (Бефстроганов, main course)

befstroganofThis meat dish was invented in St. Petersburg for count Stroganof who used to make meals from “open tables”. The concept of this party was that any well-dressed and educated person could eat there. For these holidays the cook of the count invented this dish, with which he united Russian and French cooking traditions. This dish has many advantages as it is quick to cook, easy to split on portions and very tasty. The name of the dish is created from the French word “bef” (meat) and surname of the count – Stroganof.

Vareniki (Вареники, main course)

varenikiVareniki is a dish of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Originally this dish came to Ukrainian cuisine from Turkey. Turks had a Dush-vara dish that the Ukrainians liked a lot. They changed it a little and gave it another name “Varaniki” that later turned to “Vareniki” and arrived at the Russian kitchen. Vareniki looks a lot like dumplings with different fillings like fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and etc.

Pozharsky cutlet (Пожарские котлеты, main course)

pojarskie kotletiIt is a chicken ball covered with small pieces of toasted bread. They are highly recommended. There is a legend that these meatballs are connected with the name of the prince Pojarskiy, the hero of the war with the Poles and Lithuanians in the times of False Dmitry. But truly, this dish was created by the owner of the restaurant in the village Torjok in the XIXth century.

Sirniki (Сырники, main course)

sirnikiSirniki is a traditional Slavic dish, invented many centuries ago. The name of this dish came from the word cheese (in Russian it is “sir”). Sirniki are always made from cottage cheese. In the old times, the  Slavis nations did not have refrigerators so the milk and cottage cheese were corrupted very quickly so they had to invent a method to eat them and not throw them away. For this case Russian women began to prepare from the cottage cheese some fritters (tossed it) that normally were served with smetana (sour cream of milk) or with jams.

Cottage cheese (Творог)

tvorogCottage cheese is a milk product that looks a bit like yogurt but has a thicker texture. It has a milk flavor with notes of acid. This product is very popular among Russians, who eat it many times a week at home (with sugar, jams, and etc.) And cook many things with it, for example cakes, vareniki, sirniki, tarts, vatrushkas and etc. You can buy cottage cheese at any food store in town.

Pie (Pirogi, Пироги)


Pie is a Russian tart with some filling. There are big and small pies. Pirogi can have different sweet and savory fillings. Between original fillings we can find stuffed eggs and green onion, rice with fish, rice with eggs and etc. In Russia it was popular to use pirogi in different parties and ceremonies as in requests of marriage and the wedding. Some types of Russian cakes stand out as:

  • Kulebiaka is a large cake with a compound filling that has one of the main components like cabbage, meat, mushrooms, fish, berries, potato.
  • Vatrushka is an open round cake with cottage cheese. More information here.
  • Pirojok is a small cake with different fillings.
  • Rasstegay is a small open pie with different fillings, usually shaped like a rhombus.
  • Cheburek is a fried cake with meat. More information here.
  • Pirog Osetinskiy is a typical cake from North Ossetia that lately is very popular in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is a round closed cake with different fillings, of which more popular are cheese, meat, potato.
  • Hachapuri is a special cheese cake. Originally it is from Georgia but it is very popular in Russia.

Black bread and Borodino bread (Черный хлеб)

pan de borodinoBlack bread was always more popular in Russia than white bread. This bread has a gray or brown color and a little bit of a sour taste. As well there is a type of special black bread that is called Borodinskiy bread, was invented in Borodino village (where had happened the Borodino battle, between Russians and Napoleon).

Apple pie sharlotka (Шарлотка, sweets)

sharlotkaSharlotka is an apple pie. Traditionally the most popular and available fruit in Russia has been apple, that is why there are many dishes in Russia made of that fruit. Russian Sharlotka was invited in London in the XIXth century by the French chef of Alexander I. In Soviet times the recipe was changed to make the cake with less calories.

Zefir (Зефир, sweets)

zefirZefir is a sweet made of apple or fruit. The process of zefir is made by making the fruit cream with the addition of sugar and eggs. This sweet is very soft and lush, it may be covered by chocolate.

Cranberry in sugar (Клюква в сахаре, sweets)

arandano rojo en azucarRed cranberry cover with sugar powder that carries a contrast between the acid taste of the berry and sweetness of sugar.

Potato cake (Пирожное картошка, sweets)

pirojnoe kartoshkaThis cake is made from biscuit and chocolate. It has the oval shape and looks a bit like potato from the outside. Sometimes it has cream, chocolate, berries inside.

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